Here is a little information about the members of Lloyd Braun Band.  Either scroll down or click on any band member's name to the right to go straight to their section:

Adam - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Adam has been playing guitar for about 18 years.  He's not too shabby.  He buys a lot of pedals and shows them off live.  Feel free to ask him about it and you'll get bored real quick.  Pretty nice guy all things considered.  Give him about 20 minutes and he can learn to play most songs for you.  He also grew up playing trumpet and french horn, but has yet to utilize these talents in the band.  His menial photoshop skills design all the logos/flyers/banners/posters/stickers for the band and he also is the webmaster for this fancy site you're looking at so feel free to compliment him on that. He plays guitar barefoot because he has too many buttons in front of him, so his feet get PLENTY dirty as each show goes on.  If you hear him playing a solo that doesn't sound 100% exactly like the original recording then that's because he is improvising something since he doesn't like the original solo... get over it!  Some people say he plays too loud, but that's just, like, an opinion, man... rock music is supposed to be loud.  Sometimes when Mike is tired of singing we let him sing for a song or two. 

Adam's favorite band of all time is Radiohead

Chris - Bass

Shortly put... Chris doesn't put up with any BS.  Whether that comes from sound men or W2 forms at venues... Chris is our man Friday.  He handles all the management aspects of LBB.  If you have any specific inquiries as to how to book us, Chris is your man.  So what else can we say about Chris?  This guy LOVES Pearl Jam and has seen them about 15 times live.  Chris has a collection of Pearl Jam guitar picks that he acquired from the front row at shows, and apparently Mike McCready has an LBB pick he got from Chris and used at a PJ show in 2013 (there's YouTube video to prove it).

Oh, and Chris plays bass.  He's self-taught and plays by ear (and sometimes bad online tab), so don't ask him to play a G#.  He doesn't know that that is.  (Webmasters note: G♯ is the same note as  A♭, which is played on the fourth fret of the E string on both guitar and bass in standard tuning).

Lee - Drums/Backing Vocals

Lee is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Also, he's been playing drums for like...  forever so he has the innate ability to sing while he plays.  You should compliment him about that when you see us live.  Lee is a funny bastard, a family man, and generally the backbone of the band. 

Lee's all time favorite band used to be Rush, but we think he may have finally outgrown that.

Ned - Vocals

Singer, multi-instrument musician, humanitarian and someone who leaves it all on stage. He likes long walks on the beach and the occasional glass of Chablis.

His favorite band is Lloyd Braun Band.